Hi! I'm Thomas.

I'm an artist and designer working in UX/UI. I specialize in empathetic,
user-centered UI solutions and detailed, elegant prototypes.

Friendly Traveler: Mobile Travel App US Department of Labor Redesign Alley Cat Allies Redesign
Friendly Traveler Friendly Traveler US Department of Labor US Department of Labor Alley Cat Allies Alley Cat Allies

User Research

My approach to user research is centered on empathy towards the user's desires, tastes and concerns. It's not enough to just ask questions and confirm initial assumptions - I try to seek out novel insights that could not have been predicted prior.


Wireframing is where a vision reaches pen and paper, which makes effectively translating the idea a crucial requirement. I work carefully and mindfully with the prototype and final product in mind from the start.


The primary purpose of a prototype is to test the feel and practicality of a product. This is why a prudent approach to detail is necessary. I focus on functionality, revealing exactly what is necessary to make the product into a reality.

TOOLS I USE: Paper and Pencil | Figma | InVision | Adobe Suite | Miro | Google Drive

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